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How to detect leakage with a multimeter?
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1. First disconnect the main disconnect switch of the user's power supply line, and turn off all electrical loads of the user, such as unplugging the refrigerator plug and disconnecting the pump switch.
2. Put the gear of the digital multimeter on the 200M gear of the ohm. One test pen is placed on one of the two outgoing wires on the load side. The other test pen touches the wall, preferably the ground wire or temporary Ground wire. After the number displayed on the multimeter is stable, the insulation resistance value of the main line is read out. If the insulation resistance value is less than 0.5 megohm, then there is a problem with the main line. If the insulation resistance is above 0.5 megohm, it can be ruled out. There is a problem with the main line. Measure the other wire in the same way, and check the value to see if there is a problem with the main line.
3. Check the insulation resistance value of the shunt and each electrical appliance, and use the same method to check one by one until the fault point is found.
Notes on operation:
1. When using the 200M block of the ohm block of the multimeter, pay attention that the metal part of the test pen cannot be touched by hand during the measurement, which will cause the reading to be inaccurate.
2. When measuring various electrical equipment, pay attention to discharge first to prevent the capacitive current in the electrical equipment from hurting people.
This method is a safer way to find the point of failure without power. This method is also suitable for searching for power leakage in power users and workshops. However, not only should the power supply line be disconnected, but also the neutral line should be disconnected during the search to avoid electric shock.
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