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Working principle and installation of the turbine flowmeter
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Turbine flowmeter in daily industrial production is widely used, such as petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, defense, metrology and other departments. And we Chengfeng turbine flowmeter flow meter is learned at home and abroad advanced technology, optimized, but also have some good features, play a role in the market.

Turbine flowmeter by the turbine, bearings, pre-amplifier, indicator composition. The impact of fluid to be measured turbine blades, the turbine rotation speed of the turbine varies with changes in flow, that flow, the turbine speed is also large, and then the magnetic-electric conversion means the speed of the turbine is converted to the corresponding frequency electrical pulses, dried after the pre-amplifier, into the display instrument counts and displays, you can find the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate based on the number of pulses and the cumulative number of pulses per unit time.

The transmitter works is that when the turbine fluid flow along the axial direction of the pipe, and when the impact of the turbine blades, and will have flow, velocity and fluid density is proportional to the product of forces on the blades, the turbines rotate. While the rotation of the turbine blade is periodically cut magnetic lines generated by the electromagnet, the magnetic flux change in the coils. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a coil will induce a pulsating electric potential of the signal, proportional to the flow of fluid to be measured this frequency ripple signal.

Pulse transmitter output of the turbine, placed by the former amplifier, the instrument into the display, you can achieve flow measurement.

Installation, the transmitter power cable with metal shield wire, grounding reliable. Power DC 24V or 220V. The transmitter should be mounted horizontally, vertically mounted to avoid, and to ensure its straight pipe before and after the adaptation, the former general 10D, after the 5D. Ensure consistent fluid flow direction and the direction of the arrow instrument case can not hold against. Measured medium of the turbine can not have corrosion, especially at the bearings, or should take measures, and pay attention to the magnetic sensing part can not collide.

Overall, the turbine flowmeter has a simple structure, light weight, high precision, responsive, installation and maintenance easy to use features. And display instrument has a special function, you can achieve the quantitative control, excessive alarm and other functions, is the ideal flow metering and energy meter.
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