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What are the advantages of Ultrasonic flowmeter than electromagnetic flowmeter
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Ultrasonic flowmeter of Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is to adopt a common time difference type ultrasonic liquid flow meters high integration FPGA chip and low-voltage wide pulse emission technology designed primarily for water, sewage, water, and other water measurement .

    Compared with other conventional ultrasonic flowmeter flow meter or other electromagnetic flow meter, etc., in addition to having a high-precision, high reliability, high performance, low cost notable feature, but also has the following advantages:

    1. VLSI design. Small number of hardware, low-voltage, multi-pulse emission, low power consumption, high reliability, anti-jamming,

    Good applicability. Optimized intelligent adaptive signal processing, users do not need any circuit adjustments as easy and convenient as using a multimeter.

    2. The full-window software design. You can easily set the pipe diameter, pipe material, wall thickness, and other parameters or output signal type through the window. You can use metric or imperial units.

    3. The date, month, year, flow accumulation function. It can be recorded before the 64 days run, run 64 months ago, before the five-year cumulative flow run; on the power management function, can record 64 times before the power on and power-off time, off time instantaneous flow and with automatic or manual power-off period of the additional traffic features.

    4. inner machine with a multiplication factor of seven digits long positive, negative and net flow totalizer parallel.
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