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Troubleshooting of pressure guage
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In industrial production, the use of pressure gauge is also particularly important. Pressure gauge is composed of a connector, spring tube, the movement of several major components. Welding gauge welding mainly lead and zinc, silver welding, TIG welding, special welding, etc., clarinet normal working instrument was 10 million times. It works through the spring tube deformation and movement (fan-shaped teeth of the work gear) driven pointer shows the measured medium pressure on the panel of the scale.

Gauges in daily use often encounter the following problems:

1, the pressure meter fan-shaped teeth working for some time there will be wear and tear.

2, the meter pointer because the measured media instantaneous pulse increases, the pointer rushed stopper below.

3, instrument pointers in the pipeline or pressure relief device does not return to zero.

To solve the above problem, engineers Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd., respectively, shared the following correspondence solution:

1, the off-chip fan-shaped teeth widened to address the contact surface, wear resistance in order to achieve longer life functions.

2, the instrument gauges movement is part of the heart, more than 80% of the damage is due to the movement of the instrument damage caused by the instrument can not be used in an existing movement plus limit screw compartment to solve the problem of stalls meter jump.

3, plus spacer meter is not resolved the problem back to zero.

    Instruments used sometimes seemingly simple, can not be taken lightly, treat some of the recurring failure, we need to grasp the common solution, so as not to delay the production, to the enterprise losses.
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