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Magnetic level gauge features
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Magnetic level gauge as a measuring instrument, especially in remote type magnetic level gauge, if not the Audit Bureau of Quality Supervision, no production license, the product quality is difficult to be guaranteed. Therefore, the procurement level of magnetic flap to choose a production license and reputable manufacturers, Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

We are guaranteed. The following describes some of the features related to magnetic flap level gauge.

Materials liquid level gauge magnetic flap indication very intuitive eye-catching. Since the flap on both sides were white and red. Two color contrast is high. During the day in the distance you can see the position of the flap surface display, with indoor and outdoor lighting at night it is easy to determine the position of the liquid surface. Applicable to a variety of liquid level display. For the viscosity of the liquid, the choice of larger diameter risers and magnetic float. For low viscosity liquids, the choice of a smaller diameter riser and a float. This prevents clogging of the material, does not produce false level. For liquids of different densities, respectively, according to the density of the liquid to design the size of the float, so that the magnetic float in the liquid can float freely. Level of magnetic flap display accurate, flexible, safe and reliable, applicable to all kinds of pressure vessels.

Magnetic flap level gauge sensitivity is very high and very wide field of vision. Site instruction, signal remote

A machine can. A variety of liquid and high-temperature, high pressure, corrosive and explosive media continuous measurement of liquid level. Level of magnetic flap when in use, can work in the case of high temperature and high pressure, and at work, the level of magnetic flap also has some corrosion resistance, thus greatly increasing the magnetic flap the life of the level gauge, magnetic level gauge body while using seamless steel pipe connecting pipe at the use of pull-hole solder, no internal scratches. Level of magnetic flap when in use, but also has intuitive and eye-catching, wide viewing angle, compact structure, and when used without any danger, it is very safe and reliable. Measuring range substantially no blind spot.
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