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Installation using of the top-mounted magnetic level gauge flap
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Installation using of the top-mounted magnetic level gauge flap
Top-mounted magnetic level gauge measurement principle
Operating principle of this instrument is a bypass pipeline liquid measuring principle. A bypass measuring tube container as a container connected thereto, such as various conditions measuring container tube inside. The float installed permanent magnet system, the measured value is transmitted to the indicator by magnetic coupling. Install linear scale bar indicator, when the level changes, the float magnet system driven by magnetic flap or float value indicates that the corresponding level in the container.
Top-mounted magnetic level gauge installation, use and maintenance
Gauge guard duct installation must remain vertical. Gauge rod can not be bent during installation, you must straighten loaded.
After the gauge is installed, the need for an indicator of magnetic turned column with the attached magnet boot once. So above zero indicates white, red indicates zero or less (empty refers to situations, such as the tank has liquid, the liquid portion indication red, white indicates no liquid part) alarm is based on the magnet characteristics, through no touch point alarm switch contacts according to the level of the converter from a given value of the action so as to achieve the purpose of level control, alarm switch installed in the gauge required control position, the converter is installed in the control room. Is the use of magnetic coupling principle work, the product makes up glass level gauge is not working and brittle at high temperature and pressure of multiple disadvantages.
There are side-mounted and top-mounted two kinds of installation, regardless of the kind of methods can be bundled remote device, so gauge the level which can be displayed locally, they can remotely monitor the level. Bundling magnetic level gauge It can be called remote type level gauge magnetic flap.
Production level gauge magnetic flap technology, although very simple, but the level of magnetic flap as measuring instruments, especially remote-type level gauge magnetic flap, if not the Audit Bureau of Quality Supervision, no production license, product Quality is difficult to be guaranteed.
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