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solve general failure of Vortex Flowmeter
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Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer engaged in the production and supporting the vortex flowmeter, vortex flowmeter we produce beautiful appearance, we provide consulting structural principle flowmeter, price and selection services, including the its installation and maintenance. Here are several fault-related aspects of the introduction of vortex flowmeter.

1. Set the meter ground does not meet regulatory requirements, so that the strong electric interference of 50Hz to enter the normal output signal when the signal is higher than normal 50Hz, otherwise it will output an error signal.

2. The instrument wiring process pressure line is not real, resulting in intermittent transmission signal.

3. coke oven gas factory because of high temperatures, high humidity, so there will be the presence of moisture in the gas delivery process. Driven by reciprocating gas flow moisture fluctuations, thereby forming a pulsating flow. Output data vortex flow sensors in such a fluid state suddenly suddenly small, do not reflect production status.

4. As the oven and gas impurities, easy to crystallize and impurities condense on the sensor head, resulting in inaccurate measurement. At elevated temperatures, volatile impurities, to increase the sensitivity, the signal enhancement; contrary is lowered. Data resulting instability.

5. occasions vortex flowmeter is installed in unsuitable strong vibration is applied are widely known, but in the case of frequent changes in the magnetic field, vortex flow sensors will measure higher than normal output. Practice has proved that, in the absence of gas flow field, when the vortex flow sensors in the varying magnetic field at the moment the magnetic field changes, vortex flow sensors will induce an error signal is output, when the end of the change, the instrument is in a stable magnetic field , the instrument will output a normal signal.
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