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How to adjust Vortex Flowmeter
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  How to adjust Vortex Flowmeter
  Vortex flowmeter is a more advanced intelligent instrument, mainly for industrial pipe flow measurement fluid medium, such as a gas, liquid, steam and so on. It features a small pressure loss, large range, high accuracy when measuring actual volume flow is hardly affected by fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and other parameters. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be long-term stability. Analog standard signals, digital pulse signal output, easy and PLC, DCS and other control systems supporting the use.
  For some problems, the vortex flowmeter needs to be adjusted. For example, indicating the long-term are not allowed or completely without instructions; indicating large-scale fluctuations, can not be read; indicator does not return to zero; no indication when low flow; indicates a change to keep up with the flow so the situation changes.
  The following are some adjustment methods to some of the vortex flowmeter.
  1, selection issues. Some vortex sensor in diameter selection or after the design selection due to changes in process conditions, making a big choice - specifications, the actual selection should be selected as small as possible caliber, in order to improve the measurement accuracy. For example, a vortex line designed for the use of several devices, sometimes due to process some of the equipment is not used, resulting in the current actual flow rate is reduced, the actual use of the original design Selection diameter is too large, equivalent to improve the flow can be measured lower limit of small pipes when flow indication can not guarantee flow also can be used, because if you want to reinvent sometimes too difficult.
  2, parameter tuning direction causes. Since the parameter error, leading to incorrect instrument instruction parameter error makes the secondary instrument full-scale frequency calculation error. Full-scale frequency phase almost makes standing instructions are not allowed to calculate the actual full-scale frequency big full-scale frequency, wide fluctuations in making instructions, can not read, and the information on the parameters of inconsistency will affect the final to determine the parameters of the final by recalibration combined compared with each other to determine the parameters, to solve this problem.
  3, installation issues. The main front of the sensor is a straight pipe length is not enough, affect measurement accuracy.
  4, line connection problems. Part of the circuit surface line connection is very good, careful examination, and some have loose joints actual cause circuit interruption, although some joints connection is very tight due to side-line issue, but has tightened the fastening screws on the line in the skin, but also makes the circuit interruption.
  Under normal circumstances, the master of the road to solve several common problems as long as the implementation of these aspects, I believe that it will not be some people can not fathom the problem occurred.
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