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How is gas flowmeter working
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  How is gas flowmeter working
  Set triangular columnar vortex of steam fluid, from the vortex of both sides alternately produce a regular vortex, this vortex is called Karman vortex, vortex column in the vortex shedder asymmetrically arranged downstream. Karman vortex gas flow meter is based on the principle of fluid flow in closed conduits measurement new meter. Because of its excellent ability to adapt to the medium, without temperature and pressure compensation can directly measure actual volume flow of steam, air, gas, water, liquid, with temperature, pressure sensor measures the standard volumetric flow and mass flow, the throttle flowmeter ideal alternative. To improve the high temperature and anti-vibration performance of the gas meter, the company recently developed a HNLC type gas vortex flowmeter sensors, because of its unique structure and material selection so that the sensor can be at a high temperature (350 ℃), strong vibration (≤ 1g) use of harsh conditions. In practical applications, often far below the upper limit of the maximum flow rate of the instrument, as the load changes, the minimum flow and tend to be lower than the lower limit of the instrument, the instrument is not working at its optimum operating segment, in order to solve this One problem, commonly used in the measurement of the reduced diameter at increasing the flow rate measurement, and use a smaller diameter instrument to facilitate the measurement instrument, but this way there must be adjustable over a length of 15D straight between the adjustable tube and instrumentation rectified pipe sections, the processing, installation is not easy. I developed profile shape LGZ adjustable arc rectifier, a rectifier, increase the flow rate and velocity distribution of the multiple roles change, the structure of small size, only 1/3 of the inner diameter of the process tube, made integrally with the vortex flowmeter not only do not need another additional period of straight pipe, can also reduce the requirements for process pipe straight pipe, installation is very convenient. For ease of use, battery-powered local display type gas flowmeter micro-power high-tech, using more than a year lithium battery can run without interruption, saving cable and display instruments for procurement and installation costs, may display the instantaneous flow, cumulative flow. Temperature compensated gas meter also comes with integrated temperature sensor can directly measure the temperature of saturated steam and pressure is calculated to show the mass flow of saturated steam. Gas flow meter with a temperature, a pressure sensor for measuring the gas flow can be directly measured temperature and pressure of the gas medium, thereby displaying standard conditions of gas volume flow.
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