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Float level switch selection and precautions
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Float level switch selection and precautions
Float level switch is a way to play a good detection of liquid level and the output signal of the switch contacts accessories. For the parameters to determine their selection before, we need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The guide rod length: mm (from the actual mounting surface to be detected level distance)
2. Material Requirements :( optional materials: PP / PVDF / stainless steel 304,316,316L / spray tetrafluoroethylene, etc., different materials that can be used in the environment is not the same)
3. Thread size :( depending on the installation environment may be, for example: water tank is not hermetically sealed and can be selected for the device built-nut; outdoor tank or pond is recommended to choose the flange with junction box; sealing water tank float is greater than the outer diameter external thread)
The wire requires :( conventional outlet 350mm, optional high temperature wire braided wire, high-temperature corrosion-resistant Teflon wire, low temperature wire, sheathed cable, etc.)
5. Several :( qualifying action based on the number of selected points, generally two to control a point, but also do three lines, such as the emergence of three point two actions, one of which is common line)
6. float material and size :( material based on the actual use of environmental conditions)
7. Other :( user requirements: packaging, transport, etc.)
Some Notes on selection:
1. Liquid specific gravity is not the same, the float position will be subject to change movements, generally SG hours than water, float immersed in the liquid part will be relatively increased.
2. The stainless steel float switches reference proportion with water (SG = 1) so that the float to be considered in the selection of the level when using the proportion is greater than a certain size marked float, otherwise, the float switch does not float.
3. The high viscosity of the liquid but will not dry up, the general should choose a larger outer diameter stainless steel float.
4: Pressure: plastic float voltage maximum 5kg / cm2, SUS float voltage maximum 20kg / cm2. Stainless steel float
5: Follow the measured object temperature, pressure, specific gravity, acid and other features, for the stainless steel float.
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