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Cautions Vortex when Flowmeter is applied measuring gas
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  Cautions Vortex when Flowmeter is applied measuring gas
  Vortex flowmeter is only developed in the seventies a new type of flow measurement instruments.
  Vortex flowmeters are characterized by internal instrument no moving parts, simple structure, long service life, in the measurement of actual volume flow substantially unaffected by fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and other parameters. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability, a small amount of protection. Appearance parameters can be long-term stable. Generally used in piezoelectric stress sensors, high reliability, can work in the operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃ scale. There are current signals, digital pulse signal output, easily supporting the use of computers and other digital systems, it is a more advanced flow meters.
  In the device process due to the appearance of the device does not constitute precision, and even damage the appearance. Some claim it means today to talk about steam vortex flowmeter.
  One: Try to stay away from the valve and elbow.
  Two: can try to install farther away from the source oscillation due to vortex shedding flowmeter more sensitive to shocks.
  III: high not to low means principle, since the steam condensate would constitute, long-term water will be affected to some extent.
  Four: In addition to the appearance of the corresponding selection needs accurate, generally require installations after former 10D 5D straight pipe requests.
  Of course, the fluid flow distribution and pulsating flow will affect the measurement accuracy, when the vortex shedder disgraced after the measurement results will also bring the error, so that should be further improved.
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