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The reasons that affects the accuracy of the rotameter
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The reasons that affects the accuracy of the rotameter
Meter variety, rotor type flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine vortex flowmeters, mass flow meter, etc., for different process conditions, select the most appropriate flowmeter for a class, it is necessary to understand each type of flowmeter the use of properties. Here's to say something about the use of the rotameter.
Rotameter is now one of the biggest-selling flowmeters a class of products, such as glass rotor flowmeter, plastic tube rotameter, metal tube float flowmeter belong to the ranks.
Take glass rotor for it, because it's easy to install, simple to use, and the price is cheap, are the bulk of sales. The accuracy of the meter has a measurement range is often said that the measurement error. Here are some of the lead to measurement errors rotameter larger cause.
Installation does not meet the requirements. General glass rotameter is mounted vertically, the tilt angle of the installation of the meter shall not exceed 20 degrees. Of course, there are some rotameter horizontal installation, for horizontal installation rotameter to maintain the level of not more than 20 degrees inclination. 100mm space around rotameter shall have ferromagnetic objects, adjustable mounting location away from the valve opening, the pump outlet, process piping turning mouth, etc., to maintain the required front after five pipe diameters 250mm straight pipe segment.
Gas medium pressure influenced by temperature. Flowmeters are calibrated at the factory, according to the density of the medium temperature provided by the user, the media traffic scale calibration, the impact of temperature and pressure of the gaseous medium by relatively large, so the user needs to provide accurate temperature and pressure common value.
Density changes of the liquid medium is large. Before calibration instruments, will be given by the user according to the density of the medium scaled, converted into the sewage flow calibration calibration state, so if the medium density is changed greatly, will cause great measurement errors. Workaround may change after the density of the medium into the formula, in terms of error correction factor, then the flow meter and then measured by a coefficient into real traffic.
For metal tube, long-term use and pipeline vibrations will cause some impact. A variety of factors have led rotameter sensor magnet, pointer, counterweight rotating magnets and other moving parts loose, causing large errors. Solution: You can first hand push pointer way to verify. First, position the pointer by the RP, see that the output is 4mA, flow display is 0%, and then in turn be verified in accordance with the scale. If you find discrepancies, you can adjust the position of the member.
Overall, rotameter is an easy to install and use the product, it is widely used in various industrial applications, in particular plays an important role in the measurement of small flow. In automated production, the rotameter can meet the requirements of modernization, to achieve remote functions, access control systems, to the production of convenience.
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