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Metal tube precision assurance measures
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Metal tube is commonly used in industrial automation and process control of a flow measurement instruments, which can be used to measure liquid, gas flow , especially suitable for small medium flow measurement of low velocity flow . Cheng Feng meter new third-generation metal tube grand listed , not just in appearance inside and outside the cone -one , and has five patents , the performance is slightly better, with international professional standards. But when installed to avoid direct sunlight , high temperature environment so as not to reduce capacity and lifetime of the lithium battery . To ensure the normal operation of metal tube and achieve the required accuracy , the general should note the following:
1. fluid flow through the flow meter from bottom to top , metal tube must be mounted vertically . And perpendicular to less than 2 °, horizontal installation level angle of less than 2 °, in order to deal with failure or blow does not affect the production of wash ; metal tube mounted on the process line should be added bypassed.
2. the export shall be 250mm straight pipe , metal tube entrance should be straight pipe length of more than five times the diameter . In order to ensure that the instrument accuracy.
3. If the medium containing the ferromagnetic substance should be considered between the valve and the straight pipe installed magnetic filter .
4. when used for gas measurement, should ensure that the pipeline pressure of not less than 5 times the pressure loss flowmeter to the float stability. To take protective measures when the insulation , if the temperature is higher than 220 ℃ measured medium or fluid temperature is too low prone to crystallization , should be used in dips , for cooling or insulation.
5. pipe flanges , fasteners , gaskets and the flowmeter flange same standards in order to make the instrument properly installed.
6. the products in the unit normal operation, no maintenance. Failure occurred in the apparatus just run, because the pipe purging is not clean, and the float is stuck solid particles occurs, this time the indicator pointer stops at a certain position does not move. Then both sides should first shut down the flow meter valve, remove the meter, remove the float for cleaning, (Note: the meter horizontally mounted directly on the flange removed, remove the float for cleaning; installation, good pad washers, screws to balance tighten) and then re-installed.
7. process piping flanges must be coaxial with the flange meter and parallel to each other in order to avoid deformation caused by the flow meter due to the pipeline. Appropriate increase in pipe supports to avoid pipe vibration and reduce the axial load meter,
8. in order to ensure the performance of the instrument, the instrument is installed around at least 100mm place, does not allow the presence of ferromagnetic materials, since the instrument is to pass the signal through a magnetic coupling.
9. measuring gas meter calibration under particular pressure, such as export directly emitted into the atmosphere, will produce pressure drop at the float and cause data distortion; if this is the working conditions, should be installed in the meter outlet a regulating valve.
10. since under the uneven effects of stress, when installing PTFE liner meter, PTFE will be deformed, so tighten the flange nuts evenly.


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