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Proper use and maintenance of magnetic flap level gauge
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Magnetic flap level gauge made up of flap , float , flanges and other components, for level measurement of various types of liquid containers . Magnetic flap level gauge can be used in high temperature , explosion, corrosion , food and beverage and other occasions , to achieve the level of local display or remote display and control. UHC series magnetic flap level gauge can achieve high sealing , leak-proof and safe and reliable level measurement in high temperature , high pressure , high viscosity , corrosive conditions, the whole process of measuring non-blind , eye-catching display , intuitive readings, and measuring range, coupled with level alarm , control switches, liquid level or interface level can be achieved on the lower limit alarm and control , coupled with liquid level transmitter converts the signal into a standard signal 4 ~ 20mADC -wire , achieve long-range detection, indication, recording and control.
Notes on installing magnetic flap level gauge , the following points .
Level of magnetic flap around the body does not allow magnetic substance close to disable wire fixed , otherwise it will affect the normal operation of magnetic flap level gauge . It must be installed vertically , between magnetic level gauge and the vessel shall be equipped with the lead pipe valve, easy maintenance and cleaning ; within the media should not contain solids or magnetic material, so as not to cause jamming of the float . Use should be preceded by correction magnet will turn bead below zero set to red, the other set to turn white beads . Debugging should first open the upper lead pipe valve , then slowly open the lower part of the valve , so that the media smoothly into the main conduit ( run media should avoid rapid impact float , causing float columns drama fluctuations affect the display accuracy ) , to observe whether the magnetic flip red and white ball normal , and then close the valve under the lead pipe , open the drain valve and allow the inner tube leading level drops , a method whereby the operation three times, indeed normal , to be put into operation ( corrosive liquids except special ) Finally, the situation should be based on the medium , not regular cleaning of the main conduit to remove impurities .
  When equipped with a remote supporting instruments required to do the following few:
Remote supporting instruments should be close to the level gauge main duct and fixed with stainless steel hoop (disabled iron) supporting the instrument on remote sensing face should be oriented and close to the main conduit ; remote supporting instruments should be zero level meter zero indicates at the same level ; wired remote supporting instruments and display instrument or IPC between the best individual to wear protective pipe laying or shielded two-core cable laying ; junction box into the line hole after laying , requires a good seal in order to avoid rain , moisture and other invasive leaving the remote matching instrument does not work properly , the junction box in the repair or after commissioning should be covered .
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