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Feature:Module Rack IOC013

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Module Rack IOC013 of SUPMAX-800 DCS system  
SupMAX series DCS is Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., distributed control system with independent intellectual property products. For a long time , in the digestion and absorption of foreign computer , communications and control network technology based on the use of advanced technology is highly innovative hardware and software designs continue to build high-performance, reliable control , with the highest rate of return SupMAX series DCS. 1998 distributed control system developed SupMAX500 ; 2002 distributed control system developed SupMAX800 ; in 2008 the successful launch of version 2.0 SupMAX800 system .
SupMAX800 system version 2.0 combines the new control and information technology, we will build your business a unified digital platform to achieve safe and reliable, completely open enterprise decision management system. Process control system designed to follow a common industry standard, made of sturdy, mature, standardized hardware and software; a fully redundant structure, including the DPU, communication networks, I / O bus, I / O modules, historic station each redundant; powerful controller, execute from simple to complex regulatory, logic control and data acquisition, SupMAX800 v2.0 provides an interface with the network and I / O subsystem. Internal controller uses standard PC architecture, can and plug and play compatible with standard PC products. I / O channel modules using low-power high-performance electronic components to enhance the energy efficiency of the system to the standard DIN rail mounting system's modular design makes handling quick modules, greatly reducing wiring and space occupancy. The system can be widely used in various industrial control environment required to meet a variety of monitoring functions can easily achieve advanced control and management, exemplary high-performance control platform.
Features :
Using industrial-grade switch with management function as the core network ;
With full redundancy X86 controller standard PCI bus architecture ;
Using low-power electronic components SMT automated placement process ;
DIN rail rapid installation system I / O modules ;
Easy to use and intuitive graphical programming tool ;
Using SMCP communication protocols, real-time control to cancel the centralized database server that supports Plug and Play ;
The real fieldbus controller ;
Integrated SIS database ;
Module is hot-swappable.

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