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Name:dual bellows differential pressure gauge


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Feature:CWC-630 dual bellows differential pressure gauge

dual bellows differential pressure gaugeDetails:

CWC-630 dual bellows differential pressure gauge
product description
For the scene recorded continuously flow, pressure measurements two parameters.
Traffic will be recorded by the four-bar linkage differential pressure gauge amplifier output angle 80 to 300, a record by a stylus on a record sheet 300mm diameter corresponding to the measured instantaneous value.
Stylus pressure measurement device using planar coil spring pipe spring or coil spring spiral pipe, tube or pipe spring bronze stainless steel tubing from the measured medium. Working the tube at the free end of the spring measured pressure deflects a certain angle, so that the pressure by four-bar linkage stylus deflection,
Technical Parameters
Accuracy: 1.0
Record Drawings: Category: chart
Diameter: 300 mm
Effective Arc Length: 115㎜
Feed Direction: Clockwise
Drive speed: 1r / 24h
Drive mode: CWC-630, CWD-630 type a synchronous motor (220V 50Hz)
Stylus angle: 30o
Measuring pressure measurement system limits: 0.4,0.6,1,1.6,2.5,4,6,10,16,25,40MPa
Record itinerary error: record drawings per 24h trip error does not exceed the following requirements:
Driven by a clockwork ± 3min
Driven by a synchronous motor ± 5min

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