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Name:Dual bellows differential pressure gauge


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Feature:CWC-276 Dual bellows differential pressure gauge

Dual bellows differential pressure gaugeDetails:

CWC-276 Dual bellows differential pressure gauge
product description
For on-site continuous indication is the instantaneous value of the measured parameters (flow, pressure, level): The measurement of the parameters can also be converted to a DC 0 ~ 10mV or 0 ~ 50mV signals (CWC / D-276 type) and DC 0 ~ 10mA electrical signal (CWC / D-277 type) to the remote control room display instrument parameters to be measured instructs recording or regulation.
Meter by four-bar linkage on the one hand the differential pressure gauge 8 ° angle output enlarged to 45 °, the instructions indicated on the needle site curved dial; on the other hand driven electrical converter differential transformer core to changing the core position, causing the differential transformer output voltage change, the role of power converter so that the output electrical signal proportional to the parameter to be measured
Technical Parameters
Output signal: DC 0 ~ 10mV or DC 0 ~ 50mV (CWC / D-276)
DC 0 ~ 10mA (CWC / D-277 type)
Accuracy: Indicator 1.5
Transmitter 1.0
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Transmission distance: ≤300m

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