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Working principle and structure of the turbine flowmeter
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Turbine flow meter is widely used in factories, oil, chemicals, metallurgy, paper and other industries, with high precision, long life, simple operation and maintenance features, it is ideal for flow measurement and energy meter.

Turbine flowmeter works, namely a turbine placed in the center of the pipe ends supported by bearings. When the fluid passes through the turbine flow meter pipe, the impact of turbine blades, the turbine generates Yu Moment, the turbine torque to overcome the friction and fluid drag torque generated by the rotation. In a certain flow range, to a certain viscosity fluid medium, the rotational angular velocity is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid turbine. Thus, the fluid flow rate can be obtained by the rotational angular velocity of the turbine, which can be obtained by calculating the fluid flow conduit.

Speed ​​detected by the turbine flowmeter installed in the outer casing of the sensing coil. When the turbine blades cutting the magnetic field lines generated by the magnet housing, it will lead to changes in the magnetic flux sensing coil. Sensing coil detects the magnetic flux cycle signal is fed to the amplifier, the signal amplification, shaping, generating and the flow rate is proportional to the pulse signal into the unit conversion and flow totalizer circuit obtained and displayed flow value, but also the pulse signal into the conversion circuit converts the pulse signal into an analog current amount, and then to indicate flow rate value.

Fluid from the inlet flow into the meter housing by a pair of bearing bracket fixed to the center of the tube axis, the turbine is mounted on bearings. The turbine downstream of the stent fitted radiate rectifying plate to fluid serves as a guide to avoid fluid spin changed the perspective of the role of the turbine blades. Vortex whirl at the top of the chassis is equipped with an external sensor coil, the magnetic flux change signal reception.

Turbine flowmeter consists of the following components:

Turbo made magnetic stainless steel, equipped with a helical blade, leaf number varies according to changes in diameter, ranging from 2-24 pieces.

2. The turbine bearings generally use the sliding fit carbide bearings require good wear resistance.

Since the fluid through the turbine when the turbine will produce an axial thrust bearing of the friction torque increases. Accelerated wear of bearings, in order to eliminate the axial force, need to take measures in the structure of water balance.

3. The pre-amplifier consists of magnetic induction converter and amplifier shaping circuit composed of two parts.

Magnetic converters generally use domestic reluctance, it is composed of a permanent magnet and induction coil wound external components. When the fluid passes through the turbine is rotated, the blades reluctance in permanent magnet just below the minimum, maximum two blade gap reluctance, rotation of the turbine at the bottom of the magnet, constantly changing magnetic flux of the magnetic circuit, the induction coil generate changes potential, into the amplification shaping circuit into a pulse signal.

Appears turbine flowmeter full realization of the mechanical and electrical integration, daily work without human duty, just the battery parameters and measured medium replaced regularly, you can put into normal use, it is a highly cost-effective flow measurement instruments. Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. will, for the sake of intention, to provide pre and after-sales advice and suggestions.

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