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Vortex Flowmeter Installation Considerations
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Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprises more than three decades, the vortex flowmeter measurement unmatched flexibility, high reliability and excellent measurement performance, durability and low cost characteristics. Vortex flowmeter can be installed directly on the pipe, the meter can work at any angle vertical to horizontal.

Installation Considerations for vortex flowmeter as follows:

Connecting pipe flange size must be said that with the instrument of the public of the same size, flange hole should be smooth, preferably welded flange; vortex flowmeter must be installed on an unobstructed straight pipe; attention when mounting flange gasket Do not allow fluid to produce steam; vortex flowmeter can not be installed in the pump import and export, the pump will often oscillate fluid will affect the barrier fluid vortex flowmeter vibration conduit; if installed in the pump outlet flow meter, it will undergo severe flow pulsation, cause damage to the sensor; flowmeter is installed near the valve in the vibration can cause the same damage;

    The inner surface of the pipe inner diameter of the pipe and the downstream pipe diameter range twice to four times the upstream of the flowmeter should be no bar crumbs, sand holes, cracks, projections and other surface irregularities; When installing the instrument should be considered easy instrument maintenance.

If the fluid can not be interrupted to replace the sensor, the meter should be installed before installing isolation manifold; best to install the bypass pipe so that the removal of the entire instrument maintenance. When measuring liquids, it is recommended to be installed upstream of the meter control valve, this will ensure full pipe and enough back pressure to avoid flashing and cavitation in liquids. When measuring gas, there are several ways to install, for the purposes of the maximum measurable range of the flowmeter is installed downstream recommend regulating valve 10-30 times the pipe diameter or more away, this will ensure that the meter has the largest flow rates, causing the sensor to produce the most effective signal.

If the fluid flow is steady, the flow meter can be installed upstream of the control valve, because the valve regulating the upstream pressure fluctuations are usually relatively small; When measuring steam, recommended that the flowmeter is installed downstream of the control valve 10 to 30 pipe diameters distance, this is particularly effective for measuring saturated steam, condensate flow meter can guarantee at least.

Vortex flowmeter as high a level of precision measuring instruments, are widely used in various industries, measurement measurement of saturated steam, superheated steam, natural gas and other media flow may also be used.

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