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Troubleshooting and treatment methods of Ultrasonic level meter
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Ultrasonic level meter is a commonly used liquid level measuring instruments, products with stable performance, flexible, high reliability, suitable for all kinds of corrosive chemical applications. Ultrasonic level meter course will have a certain failure, today we have to introduce specific ultrasonic level meter common faults and treatment methods, hope to help everyone.
1. In the ultrasonic continuous zero level, the top of the lights, the output current of 22mA. And from time to time after the recovery level, the fault can not be automatically lifted, normal, cause unnecessary trouble to the customer need to reboot or even power off losses.
This failure is mounting accessory choice. Since the ultrasonic level meter is launching the world's first zero degrees, the advantages described above also. It is another distinctive feature is that the ultrasonic transmitter in addition to flat head outside, there is the thread here is transmitted. If you continue to zero, plus the choice of metal mounting bracket. Ultrasonic level meter will recognize the signal strength is greater than the flat head bracket portion received signal strength. The distance between the portion of the blind in the transmitted wave metal stents. So ultrasound is protected, fault lights lit, output 22mA. The solution is the choice of non-metal stent. Because the selection of non-metallic stents, the emission wavelength of the thread can penetrate out, and absolutely zero level of the echo signal will be greater than the thread of the echo signal.
2. After debugging and reprogramming, the top fault lights lit, output current of 22mA. When this fault condition, the actual verification, or in the programming and debugging process, failed in accordance with specification requirements. The program caused disorder captive state. Customer programming ultrasonic level debugging time, could not wait until normal light flashing, or the programming method simply wrong step, in an unstable programming and debugging. Failing repeatedly requested if programming and debugging, ultrasonic level meter will refuse to work and self-protection. This failure is the first solution to appear as required ultrasonic level meter is reset, and then reprogrammed. If you repeatedly re-programming in the case is not reset, there will be more failures.

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